pair of cinabar lacquer box with numerous flowers Chinese 19th century

winecooler porcelain "Famille rose" chinese export circa 1760

teapot porcelain chinese export - armorial design with initials marriage mark 1742 - Circa 1742

Dish porcelain decorated in Grisaille and gold with "the Embroiderer" Qianlong circa 1750

cup and saucer porcelain - after a engraving of Moreau le Jeune Chinese export 1785

Teapot porcelain Meissen style - The pit sawyers - after an engraving of S Le Clerc - about 1745

rare beaker ( rython form) biscuit aubergine color head of buffalo shape late Kangxi 1662/1722

small sweet dish (4) porcelain "Famille Verte" - Period Kangxi 1662/1722

Dish (pair) porcelain "Famille verte" and underglaze blue decorated with fish - Kangxi period about 1715

porcelain candelstick form - Chinese export - 1720/1735

Pair small tureens porcelain "Famille Rose" - Chine export - Qianlong period 1736/1795

Pair ewers porcelaine blue and white - Qianlong period 1736/1795

Rare pair ewers porcelain blue and white - Kangxi period 1662/1722

porcelain dish blue and white - Chinese for the japan (Kosometsuke) - Tianqi period 1621/1627 (D 19cm)

porcelain cup blue and white - Chinese for the japan (Kosometsuke) late Ming 1630 - ( D 17,3cm)

Libation cup porcelain "Blanc de Chine" Rhinoceros horn shape - Dehua kilns Fujian province - Kangxi period 1662/1722 - (L 13cm h 8cm)

Porcelain blue and white box decorated with numerous childrens and Kylin - Kangxi period 1662/1722

agate mousse snuff bottle - 1850/1900

glass snuff bottle imitating perfectly the rock crystal - 1790/1850 -

rare warming bowl porcelain blue and white - Transitional period 1640 -

Fo dog biscuit "famille verte" ears move - Kangxi period 1662/1722

snuff bottle porcelain ecusson shape decorated in iron red with hundred shou (longevity)-Imperial workshop Mark Qianlong 1780/1799

rare porcelain figure showing a lengthened lady (courtesan) Late Qianlong 1780/90

Teapot porcelain "Bleu poudré" and gold - Kangxi period 1662/1722 about 1715

Box mother of pearl finely decorated - Monted with silver for the export market - Canton 1800/1850 -

box porcelain "blanc de Chine" Dehua kilns Fujian province - Kangxi 1662/1722

Snuff bottle porcelain "blue and white" decorated with numerous Dragons - 1850/1900

small bowl "blue and white" porcelain Klappmutz style1600/1620 Ming period

Pure rock Crystal snuff bottle of rectangular shape - 1800/1850

Agate snuff bottle decorated with natural fish design in the stone - 1800/1860