Jade boulder sculpted - Qing period 19th century (H 16cm)

dish porcelain "Famille verte " decorated with numerous animals - Kangxi period 1662/1722

Rare vase porcelain "Famille Verte" decorated with immortals figures and molded in the neck liu hai and frog Kangxi period 1662/1722 (H 41,5cm)

pair porcelain vases decorated in underglaze blue and copper red - 1790/1840 - Mount French bronze 19th century (H 21,5 cm)

pair porcelain vases reticulated decorated with vases "famille rose" and vases "blue and white" - 18° century - Mounted with occidental bronze 19° century ( H 38cm)

pair of small cups " blue and white" Kangxi period 1662/1722 (D 16cm)

Cat and dog in biscuit turquoise enamel - 18° century -

Tea box porcelain blue molded in lacquer style - Jiaqing period 1796/1820 (H 14cm)

Ecuelle "famille verte porcelain decorated with flowers - Kangxi period 1662/1722

vase "blanc de chine" Gu shape - Dehua kilns Fujian province - 1640- (H 17cm)

vase porcelain painted with horses and figures and other face with caligraphy - Mark Qianlong 1930/1949 Republic period (H 32cm)

Porcelain dish decorated in poudré blue and gold -iron red green and yellow - with numerous flowers - (very nice quality) Kangxi period 16621/1722 (D 27,5cm)

small group jadeite green and russet with sculpted bat , peach longevity , and buddha hand. 1850/1900 (L 5,5cm)

Bell buckle metal and sculpted jade - 18/19 century -

Ecuelle or tureen "famille verte " porcelain - Kangxi period 1662/1722 - (D with handles 25cm H 18cm)

Pair porcelain bowls "Famille verte" decorated with the doucai style - Yongzheng period 1723/1735 (D 19,3cm)

pair small brushpot biscuit - branch of tree shape - 18° century (hight 12,2cm)

Porcelain box swatow ware - Ming period early 17 century- (D 8,8cm)

Rare pair small sweet dish in biscuit Famille Verte - Kangxi period 1662/1722

small dish porcelain "Ko somometsuke" for the Japan market - Ming period about 1630

Important punchpot porcelain famille verte - Kangxi period 1662/1722

Rare soapstone snuff bottle sculpted on a face with squirrel and leaves and other with caligraphy - 19th century SALE PENDING

Amber snuff bottle sculpted - 1740/1800 -

Snuff bottle jade russet and green sculpted with figure rocks and clouds - 1750/1800

Quartz rose snuff bottle dog shape sculpted _ 1900/1920

Miniature pink quartz snuff bottle sculpted - 1900/1920

Porcelain dish enamelled with iron red ground and underglaze blue flower and leaves - Mark Xuande - Kangxi period 1662/1722 -

Rare porcelain large dish with French Armorial -Royaume de France- Kangxi period 1662/1722 about 1710/1715

Snuff bottle lacquer cinabar - Bejing probably Imperial workshop - Qianlong period 1736/1795 SOLD

Snuff bottle glass inside painted - signed by Ye Zhongsan April 1915